Cycle Route from farm to farm

Distance: 30 km
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Public transport:                     Trains from Kandel


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"Cabbage and Turnips" Cycle Route

Distance: approx. 140 km


543 m/601 m
Difficulty: easy, suitable for children/bike trailers
Exception: near Schweighofen
Surface: mainly car-free asphalted paths and farm roads, few forest tracks
Route: Bockenheim, Neustadt, Germersheim, Kandel, Minfeld, Schweigen-Rechtenbach

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"Riesling- pikeperch" Cycle Route

Distance: approx. 35 km
Difficulty: easy
Route: Pleisweiler-Oberhofen, Kapellen-Drusweiler, Oberhausen, Barbelroth, Winden, Steinweiler, Erlenbach, Hatzenbühl, Rheinzabern, Neupotz
Surface: paved rural roads/cycling trails; short sections are unsurfaced but fit for traffic
Public Transport: Train stations in Winden, Steinweiler und Rheinzabern

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Southern Palatinate Cycle Route

Distance: approx. 52 km
Ascent: 120 m up, suitable for families
Difficulty: medium
Duration: approx. 3 hours

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Cycle Route "Petronella-Rhine"


approx. 29 km


118 m/189 m
Difficulty: easy, suitable for children and bike trailers
Duration: approx. 1,5 hours
Route: Bad Bergzabern, Kandel, Wörth

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Tobacco Cycle Route

Distance: 35 km
Difficulty: easy, especially suitable for families
Route: Hayna, Herxheim, Mörlheim, Ottersheim, Bellheim

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"Klingbach" Stream Cycle Route

Distance: approx. 46 km
Ascent/Descent: 632 m/735 m
Difficulty: easy
Surface: suitable for bike trailers
Route: Hördt,­ Rülzheim,­ Billigheim, Klingenmünster,­ Erlenbach near Dahn


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The Franco-German Pamina Cycle Route (Lauter Valley)

Boundless Biking Pleasure


59 km
Ascent/Descent: 563m/675m
Difficulty: easy, suitable for children/bike trailers

approx. 50 km car-free, paved forest roads, 9 km on the narrow, usually little frequented country road L 545

Route: Hinterweidenthal, Dahn, Wissembourg, Scheibenhardt, Lauterbourg, Neuburg/Rheinfähre „Baden-Pfalz“
Public Transport:

hourly connections in Hinterweidenthal, Wissembourg, Kapsweyer and Neuburg/Rheinfähre

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The Rhine Cycle Route

Biking along the Rhine to France

Distance of the Southern Palatinate stage: approx. 50 km on the left bank of the Rhine
Ascent: none
Difficulty: easy, without uphill grade, suitable for families

Berg, Neuburg, Wörth, Leimersheim, Germersheim, Lingenfeld, Speyer

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The Rhine axis

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Groß-Rohrheim ++ Biblis ++ Lampertheim ++ Worms ++ Bobenheim-Roxheim ++ Frankenthal ++ Ludwighafen/Rhein ++ Mannheim ++ Altrip ++ Neuhofen ++ Waldsee ++ Otterstadt ++ Brühl ++ Schwetzingen ++ Ketsch ++ Hockenheim ++ Altlußheim ++ Speyer ++ Römerberg ++ Lingenfeld ++ Germersheim ++ Hördt ++ Leimersheim ++ Neupotz ++ Jockgrim ++ Wörth/Rhein ++ Hagenbach ++ Neuburg/Rhein

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Cycling in the Pamina region

For over 25 years PAMINA stands for the cross-border cooperation between the regions Southern Palatinate, Upper Middle Rhine and Northern Alsace with the metropolis Karlsruhe at its centre.

The Pamina region with its well-developed hiking and cycle path networks is an ideal starting point for scenic and culturally attractive hiking and bicycle tours which partly cross the borders.

Tours around the PAMINA Region

Natura Trails set up by the club Friends of Nature Rhineland-Palatinate

"From Bienwald to Bethof" - a bicycle tour from the Friends of Nature House Bienwald in Kandel to the Friends of Nature House Bethof in Vorderweidenthal, approx. 43 km

Starting point of this tour is the Friends of Nature House in Kandel.

The Tour

"From Haguenau France) to the Nature House Bienwald" - a bicycletour from Haguenau (France) to the Friends of Nature House Bienwald in Kandel, approx. 60 km

Starting pont of the tour is the railwaystation in Haguenau.

The Tour

Further information:

NaturFreunde Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.,,

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